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CCHP/Santa Fe Trail Interpretive Center Building
Santa Fe Trail Interpretive Center Building
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Fort Union National Monument


Are you looking for something free to do in downtown Las Vegas on Thursday night?

Join us on Bridge Street for an hour-long step back into old New Mexico. Our Glimpses of the Past lecture series takes place on the third Thursday of every month from March to October.

A unique partnership between Fort Union National Monument, the Santa Fe National Historic Trail and the Las Vegas Citizen's Committee for Historic Preservation (CCHP), the programs take place at the Santa Fe Trail Interpretive Center, 116 Bridge Street, Las Vegas, NM, at 7:00 pm.

2019 Schedule

March 21
Crime and Punishment in the Frontier Army--Park Ranger James Shephard
Drunkenness, discipline and death permeated the frontier army in the 19th century. From being hung by your thumbs to being shot through the heart, punishment could be cruel, arbitrary and capricious. Join Ranger Shephard and step into the sometimes tortuous world of a frontier soldier.

April 18
McNeal's Marvelous Medicine Show--Ms. Diana Enright
Ms. Enright will re-create a late 19th-century medicine show. In a time when doctors were hard to find and health insurance did not exist, people tried to cure their ailments with patent medicines. These "cures" were promoted at medicine shows, which were part entertainment, part advertising and only slightly medical care.

May 16
Stories to Bridge Cultures--Ms. Mary Ellen Gonzales
For centuries, New Mexico has been home to a variety of cultures, each with a unique way of understanding the surrounding world and how it came to be. Ms. Gonzales will connect the different New Mexico cultures by telling their stories and histories.

June 20
To be determined

July 18
The Road to Fort Union: From Occupation to Frontier--Park Ranger Greg Baker
Join Ranger Baker as he describes the role of Fort Union in leading the U.S. Army as it transitioned from war with Mexico to a series of conflicts with Native Tribes in a battle for control of the new territories of the Southwest.

August 15
Fred Harvey's Southwest Couriers: All Aboard!--Ms. VanAnn Moore
Ms. VanAnn Moore will be dressed and in character as one of the famous Harvey Girls. These were a group of bold, hard-working, unmarried women who traveled west to work in Fred Harvey's restaurants that operated at Santa Fe railroad stations. They became part of the southwestern landscape, including the Castaneda Hotel in Las Vegas.

September 19
Iron Riders: The Buffalo Soldiers on Bicycles--Park Ranger Mike Weinstein
At the dawn of a new century, the new-fangled bicycle became wildly popular, and the U.S. Army saw it as a possible replacement for the horse. The Army turned to their experienced and reliable Buffalo Soldiers to test the new contraption in the rugged terrrain of the West.

October 17
La Llorona, the Wailing Woman--Rosalia Pachecco
Join us for this perennial favorite in northern New Mexico, where this famous ghost lived next door in many neighborhoods. This spirit from Spanish folklore is known throughout the world for her eerie, spine-chilling cries, as she searches for her lost, drowned chldren.

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