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map of colonial frederica
1740 map of Frederica

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Interpretive Themes

  • The results of the battles of Gully Hole Creek and Bloody Marsh destroyed the Spanish for colonizing more of the new world and cemented British control of the Southern colonies.
  • The town of Frederica was a classic example of the relationship between supporting residential community and military base. The withdrawal of the military in 1748 led to the economic collapse of the town.
  • Civilian life in Frederica town was study of adaptability and flexibility in the face of hardship and social variance.
  • The archeological discoveries at Fort Frederica reveal a multitude of personal stories and historical relevations.
  • The early history of the colony and town of Frederica reflects Oglethorpe's liberal social philosophy and his attempt establish Georgia as a utopian society.
  • During the 18th century, General James Oglethorpe encountered a fertile and varied ecosystem on Saint Simons Island, Georgia. Although much has changed during the intervening centuries, there are still places where such beauty and diversity endure. Efforts are underway to conserve and restore aspects of Saint Simons Island’s ecology, which influenced the history and lives of the people on the island.
  • Recent archeological research confirmed the location of an African American cemetery on the grounds of Fort Frederica, that discovery, along with the placement of the Abbott monument, by Robert S. Abbott, in 1929, will enable park staff to incorporate stories of African Americans into future programs.

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