Memorial Design

Artist rendering of the future Visitor Center Complex
Artist's rendering of the future Visitor Center Complex

bioLinia and Paul Murdoch Architects

Memorial Expression
By Paul and Milena Murdoch
Flight 93 Memorial Architects

Timeless in simplicity and beauty,

like its landscape, both stark and serene,
the Memorial should be quiet in reverence, yet powerful in form,
a place both solemn and uplifting.

It should instill pride, and humility.
The Memorial should offer intimate experience, yet be heroic in scale.
Its strong framework should be open to natural change
and allow freedom of personal interpretation.

We want to restore life here,
to heal the land, and nourish our souls.
In this place, a scrap yard will become a gateway
and a strip mine will grow into a flowering meadow.

But more than restoring health,
the Memorial should be radiant,
in loving memory of the passengers and crew
who gave their lives on Flight 93.




Last updated: October 16, 2021

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