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A Military Legacy

Street view of downtown Skagway, Alaska

Klondike Gold Rush NHP

The African American army regiments helped maintain law and order in a few gold rush boomtowns of Alaska.

Ranger Shelton portraying a Buffalo soldier to a group

Yosemite National Park

Buffalo Soldiers served among the early park rangers in national parks, performing many of the same duties of rangers today.

Visitors walking in front of Charles Young's house

Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers NM

African Americans serving in the military during World War I faced unique challenges from their own country.

Winter's Wonders

Sentinel Valley and Merced River

Yosemite National Park

During winter mornings, some creeks may seem to be full of slush, known as "frazil ice," rather than water.

Rime ice on a tree

Yellowstone National Park

On cold days, steam from geothermal features can supercool in the air and freeze onto nearby objects, causing "rime Ice" to form.

Aurora borealis over Lake MacDonald

Glacier National Park

The darkness of the park at night offers a chance to watch the northern lights dance across the sky.

National Park Getaways

People on a boardwalk next to redwoods

This Month's National Park Getaway

Walk in the shadows of giants at Muir Woods National Monument, an old-growth forest of coastal redwoods in northern California.

Paddler canoeing through mangroves

Big Cypress National Preserve

Adventure, recreation, and discovery are beckoning explorers to cypress swamps in southern Florida.

Two-story brick house covered with vines

Frederick Law Olmsted NHS

Experience a defining legacy in landscape architecture firsthand by touring the home of the Olmsted family in Massachusetts.

Two hikers on a bridge over a river leading to a tunnel in a mountain

Appalachian National Scenic Trail

Stretching 2,200 miles across 14 states past history and stunning scenery, the iconic trail draws thousands of hikers each year.