SRO Update for April 20, 2016

April 20, 2016 Posted by: Riley Tingue, Road Crew Supervisor
Current Plow Crew Work Locations: The crew made it to the end of the road yesterday. The reason that we did not finish up two days prior was due to a piece of rebar that was embedded into the ditch close to the Wonder Lake causeway. This piece of rebar just happened to sticking out in just the right place at just the wrong time as our loader was passing by. The rebar tore a gash in the sidewall of the left rear tire and flattened the tire almost instantly. Since the rebar was covered in snow, it was unavoidable. The loader blocked the road off at the causeway and stalled the rest of the equipment from passing. Long story short, we got the loader moved after a lot of work, and we finished SRO yesterday at 1pm.

Steam Crew Locations: Mile 90

Snow Depths: 2-3'

Aufeis Depths: 2' at mile 90

Road Open to Public Traffic: Teklanika Rest Stop, Mile 30

Equipment Status: Big thanks to the Auto Shop for keeping everything tip top for us this year. And for helping us with the most stubborn tire of all time. Bacon covered doughnuts for all auto shop employees as reward.     

Road Crew Staff during SRO 2016: Paul Franke, Will Chesley, Martin Weiner, Bob James, Mary Pearson, Mike "Bub" McAloon, Mike "Grumpy" Merrick, Stacey Skrivanek, Austin Kinser, Andrea Schneider, Trent Bartlett, Jeff "Cruiser" Craig, and Chris Perkins

Current Weather at HQ: Summer

Notes/Observations/Comments: Next SRO update scheduled for 3/19/2017. Have a good season everyone and thanks for the support!

Last updated: April 20, 2016

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