SRO Update for April 15, 2016

April 15, 2016 Posted by: Riley Tingue, Road Crew Supervisor
man standing near a snowy field in which a smiley face has been stomped in the snowNPS Photo

Current Plow Crew Work Locations: The crew made it to mile 80.5 yesterday. The snow has melted out for the most part. There is still some in the ditches and in between the cuts. Most of the melt has gone into the road surface unfortunately. It will take a little bit for this to dry out until we can increase traffic beyond Toklat.

Steam Crew Locations: EVC and Eagles Nest

Snow Depths: 0-1' Deepest encountered was 2'

Aufeis Depths: 0

Road Open to Public Traffic: Teklanika Rest Stop, Mile 30

Equipment Status: All is well. Thanks Auto Shop

Road Crew Staff On-Duty Today: Will Chesley, Mike McAloon, Mike Merrick, Stacey Skrivanek, Austin Kinser

Current Weather Forecast

Current Weather at HQ: 21 above and sunny

Wildlife Sightings: 5-6 wolves spotted on Teklanika Flats.

Notes/Observations/Comments: Cyclists, please be careful on the road beyond Toklat. Graders are working from Toklat to EVC in order to prep the road for summer traffic. I expect the crew to finish the plowing portion of SRO in the next day or two. While this could be the record for the shortest SRO and the earliest completion date, it was not our intent to set any records. This was accomplished only by the lack of snowfall and ice from this warmer than average winter. The repair/rebuild portion of SRO will continue on for a week plus after the plows make it to Kantishna.

A week of letting the road dry without traffic is far less of an inconvenience to all, when compared to creating a soft spot that takes all summer to heal. We will open the road to Kantishna in stages, as soon as the road can handle an increase in traffic and weight.

Last updated: April 18, 2016

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