Maps of Smith Voyages

A 17th century work boat with oars and a mast on a river.

Chris Cerino

Smith's 1612 map of Virginia is a remarkable record of the natural and cultural landscape of the Chesapeake region at the time of his explorations. The map illustrates the areas covered during his two famous voyages of discovery in the summer of 1608 and side trips he made in 1607 and 1609. The combined routes of Smith's travels cover an estimated 3,000 miles and has been designated by Congress in 2006 as the Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail.

Although Smith's map provides a wealth of information about the geography of the Chesapeake Bay and major tributaries and about the Native American inhabitants he encountered, it does not actually show the routes of his voyages. Fortunately he recorded his travels in detail through his journals.

By using the dates and descriptions in the journals, historians have plotted the routes of Smith's first voyage, second voyage, and other explorations on maps of the Chesapeake region.

View the routes of Smith's voyages using this map from National Geographic.

Last updated: July 29, 2021

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