ORV Equipment and Tire Requirements


Vehicles will be inspected for all required accessory equipment:

  • 4 Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive: Your vehicle must have four wheel drive or all wheel drive capability. Sedans are not permitted on the ORV corridor.
  • Shovel: Heavy-duty shovel equal to a military folding shovel
  • Towing Device: Any of the following which are at least 14 feet long:
    Tow Strap: 1.5"; Rope: 3/4"; Chain 5/16"; Cable 1/4". A winch does not qualify as a towing device.
  • Jack: Standard size (e.g., vehicle manufacturer's jack)
  • Jack Support Board: Wood: 10" x 12" x 1.5" or Plywood: 10" x 12" x 3/4"
  • Tire Pressure Gauge: Must register to 5 p.s.i. or lower
  • SCV's and pick-up truck campers must also have a fire extinguisher and permanently mounted holding tanks for gray and black water. Cassette-style toilets, such as those found in some Mercedes Benz Sprinter models, are not permitted.
  • Spare Tire: Must meet tire standards outlined below.
  • Tires: All 5 tires, including the spare tire, must meet or exceed the standards outlined below. NOTE: Many newer vehicles are being produced with temporary spare tires, which do not meet our minimum safety requirements. Be sure to carefully, physically check your spare tire size for compliance before applying for an Oversand permit. Temporary Use spare tires are prohibited
  • These are the minimum acceptable tire standards:

Rim Diameter Width Profile Example
19" and larger 265 50 or > P265 / 50 R19
18" 255 55 or > P255 / 55 R18
17" 245 60 or > P245 / 60 R17
16" 235 65 or > P235 / 65 R16
15" 225 70 or > P225 / 70 R15

Dual-Wheel Standards for R/V's and Pick-Up Campers (including spares):
Self Contained & Pick-Up Campers Tire Section Width Profile Spare Tire Example
mm inches
2 Front Tires 245 9.5 70 or > Matching Spare Front: LT245/70 R16
4 Rear Tires 215 8.0 70 or > Matching Spare Rear: P215/70 R15

Last updated: March 28, 2023

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