Top 10 Tips for Visiting Colorado National Monument

Insider Tips for Making the Most of Your Visit

Summer is here and many national parks are expecting an especially busy summer season. A little trip planning can ensure that your only surprises are happy ones. To help everyone have a great experience, Colorado National Monument rangers share their top 10 insider tips to help you #PlanLikeAParkRanger

A visit starts at home browsing our website, social, and to make a plan. BUT...Sometimes things don’t go as planned. The cliffs and canyons of Colorado NM may be beautiful, but like many desert landscapes they have an "ugly” side. 100+ degree temperatures, biting insects, full parking lots and corkscrew trails and roads are some things that could lead to unexpected challenges. So have a plan B, and be like a rock – roll with it! 

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Historic Rimrock Drive is narrow, steep, and winding in places, some will find the road thrilling while others find it hair- raising. If you find yourself behinda slow moving vehicle or bicycle, look for bighorn sheep or take time to enjoy the amazing views. Remember, only pass when it is safe to do so! 
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It’s ALLLLIVE! No seriously...there is a type of algae growing in the soil called resurrection moss, so it has serious living-dead vibes #zombies. Although it’s incredibly resilient to drought, it can be squished under pressure rather easily. Protect the soil by staying on trail!
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Summer is a busy time in our national parks. Some parks may require visitors to have reservations. Colorado National Monument does not! The only reservation you may need is for the Saddlehorn campground.
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Trip planning, and trying to nail down how exactly to maximize your visit? Rangers are walking guide-books. Stop by, or call the visitor center to chat with a ranger about your visit. We are here from 9-5. Our phone number is 970-858-2800
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Go paperless! Install the NPS App and explore Colorado National Monument digitally.

Looking for that perfect shot of you among the red rock towers for your social? Our views come highly recommended - 10 out of 10. What we don’t recommend, is getting losing sight of safety. Remember to stay on trails and stay aware of your surroundings! 

Keep wildlife wild by giving them room – use a zoom!

Practice Leave No Trace by packing out whatever you pack in.

Did you know that ground temperatures can far exceed air temperatures? That leaves your pet in a really uncomfortable situation if you are traveling with them this summer. Whether it’s a vehicle or sidewalk – it's too hot. Don’t make it awkward – leave them at home.
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Top 10 Tips for Visiting Colorado NM

Colorado National Monument

Last updated: February 3, 2024