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Join Pompey Fixico in reading Glenette Tilley Turner's Fort Mose and the Story of the Man who Created the First Free Black Settlement in Colonial America.

Pre-Reading Activity

Before reading with Mr. Pompey Fixico, watch this interview with the author of the book, Glennette Tilley Turner.

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6 minutes, 16 seconds

Go Behind the Book with author Glennette Tilley Turner as she discusses her book "Fort Mose"

After watching our pre-reading interview with Mrs. Tilley Turner, can you answer the following pre-reading questions? Click on the question to reveal the answer written in bold type.

Mrs. Tilley Turner grew up outside of St. Augustine.
Freedom seekers not only travelled North to find freedom: they travelled South too! People escaping slavery from English-occupied South Carolina travelled south to Spanish-occupied Florida.
The original Fort Mose is now underwater, due to changes in water levels. But, visitors today can visit the local museum and visitor center to learn about the stories. Sometimes, you can even see re-enactors who tell the stories of Fort Mose!
John Horse. John Horse was a Black Seminole warrior who led his people to freedom in Mexico, alongside Seminole Chief Wildcat.
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1 minute, 56 seconds

Story Time with Pompey Fixico reading "Fort Mose and the Story of the Man who Built the First Free Black Settlement in Colonial America," by Glennette Tilley Turner. Recommended for ages 10 and up. This video is available for a limited time, and will be removed on June 30, 2021 at 12:00pm. These contents are owned by Abrams and protected by copyright law. To reproduce or distribute these contents without written permission of the owner is prohibited.

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Junior Ranger: After Action Report

After a big event or a big learning opportunity, Park Rangers get together to complete what is called an "After Action Report." This way, Park Rangers can document the things that they learned and share them with the people around them. After you finish watching our Story Time videos, can you answer the following questions and create your own After Action Report?

  1. What was your favorite thing you learned from Story Time?
  2. In what ways are you similar to Francisco Menendez? In what ways are you different from Francisco Menendez?
  3. What is the Underground Railroad?
  4. What does it mean to be in control of your own life?

Congratulations! You completed your After Action Report! If you want to share your answers with someone at the Network to Freedom, work with an adult you trust to send us your After Action Report at This is an optional step.

Print your own National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Junior Ranger sticker. Click on the image of the badge in order to open the printable page.

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National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom
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Last updated: June 24, 2021