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The National Parks: Preserving America's Past
The National Parks: America's Best Idea celebrates the national parks as an American invention that applies democratic principles to the land. Just as everyday people campaigned to conserve wilderness in the American West, they also advocated for archeological and historic sites to be preserved for all people.

Coso Rock Art
The Coso Rock Art District is a National Historic Landmark located deep in the U.S. Navy's testing station at China Lake in California. More than 20,000 images and associated sites comprise one of America's most impressive petroglyphic and archeological complexes. Come explore the long history of the Coso people and the meanings they inscribed in stone.

The Robinson House—A Portrait of African American Heritage
The Robinson house survived the first and second battles of Manassas during the American Civil War. As African Americans, the Robinson family found themselves embroiled in the struggles of the nation before, during, and after the war. Come explore how archeological research, architectural studies, and oral history reveal new insights into the changing lifeways of free African Americans.

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