Memorialization (Scattering Ashes)


Gatherings and commercial activities in national parks often require a special use permit. The purpose of these permits is to ensure the protection of the park's natural and cultural resources, as well as to minimize conflicts between park visitors and your guests.

You must have a permit to scatter ashes in the park. There are some requirements on where you may scatter ashes. We recommend conducting your memorial early in the day, when there will be fewer crowds and more privacy.


  • You may scatter ashes on land only, away from cultural features, in an area which will not impact other visitors.
  • You may not leave any monument, cairn, or other marker at the site.
  • You may not bury human ashes.
  • Your event must comply with all other park regulations.

How to Apply

Please complete and submit Form 10-930s (835k Word document) to the email address listed on the application form.

We will handle applications in the order we receive them. We can process standard requests in 10 business days. Projects that need additional environmental compliance require a minimum of four weeks to process.



For questions or additional information, please contact the Special Park Uses coordinator: email us.

Last updated: April 11, 2024

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