Family Trees


Following are some family trees that have been created to help the researcher make connections between various generations. This is a work in progress and will grow as time permits. Each tree comes from information contained in Mission 2000. While there is a possibility of literally thousands of family connections that could be constructed into family trees, this feature will give an idea of what can be accomplished using the information in Mission 2000. The trees are organized without any information other than the people’s names, simply to show the connections that are there. The researcher can take the names from the tree and type them into the search engine in Mission 2000 to find out more information about the person. Simply click on the tree in the alphabetical listing to see each individual pedigree.



Chiguagua, Cruz

Echegaray, Gutiérrez, Bosio, Selis

Escalante, Rodriguez, Cartagena

Fernandez Calvo, Tisnado

Galvez, Rodriguez, Cartagena

Medina, Pintor, Romero, Grijalva, Allande

Otero, Martinez, Quijada, Salazar, Granillo, Urrea


Pacheco, Duran, Romero, Ramirez, Perea, Peña

Romero, Galana, Mondragón, Bojorquez

Romero, Mondragón, Bojorquez

Romero, Perea, Bojorquez

Tienda de Cuervo, Hunens, Maeyer, Boguet

Tisnado, Contreras

Tisnado, Romero, Mondragón, Bojorquez

Villaescusa, Beldarrain, Arnedo, Monroy, Arnedo, Vicente, Prudhom, Salazar, Zamalloa, Jandategui, Aranzeta

Villescusa, Otero, Arnedo, Arnedo