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Surname: Contreras Given Name: María Magdalena Sex: F
Place of Birth: Date of Birth: Order:
Place of Death: Saric, in Luis' house Date of Death: 11/20/1751 Cause of Death: Killed in Pima rebellion
Race or Tribe: Española Residence: Santa Ana; Santa Martha Title: Mujer de José Domingo Tisnado; Killed in the Pima Rebellion of 1751 by being burned to death in the house of Luis Oacpicagigua
Place of Service: Burial Place: Translation: (Spanish)
Notes: Convinced by Luis and his conspirators in the Pima uprising that the Apaches were attacking the village of Sáric on the afternoon of November 20, 1751, she fled with her five small children and others to the supposed safety of Luis' house where he wantonly burned it to the ground, killing all inside. -------- "January 1, 1752. We left the said Cerro Prieto and continued the march toward our destination. Before arriving at the village of Saric we encountered four bodies, which we buried. Upon arrival at the village we found two bodies very near the Holy Church where we were and, having found nothing with which to dig a grave because the ground was so hard, we left them in the cemetery and closed the gates. The others that the rebels killed in the said village, with regard to those where they burned the house and the roof fell in on the bodies, we left them as they were. Continuing our march, we arrived to spend the night above Tucubavia where the corresponding arrangements were made [to set up camp]. Bernardo de Urrea" (General Archive of the Indies, Guadalajara 419, 3M-20)

Event Relationship [8 Records]

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Event ID: 8393 Relationship: Godmother Event Date: 04/22/1743 View Document A  
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