NORTH FORK - trail status as of 2:44AM Mountain Time on 9-26-2016
Akokala Creek Trail
North Fork Road to Akokala Lake Trail Jct. / 6.6 mi.
Initial Clearing scheduled: Complete 6/1/16 per 256 23 Aug 2016: ~2 miles of very brushy sections of young lodgepole trees barely far enough apart to fit your shoulders; impassible to stock. 324
Akokala Lake Trail
Foot of Bowman Lake - Akokala Lake/ 5.8 mi.
Initial Clearing scheduled Complete:5/23/16 per 256 Trail clear 6/20/2016 per 222

Recent mule traffic tore up some boggy sections on Numa Ridge 6/20/16 per 323.

Boulder Pass Trail
Foot of Kintla Lake - Upper Kintla Campground/ 11.6
Initial Clearing scheduled:Complete 5/12/16 per 250

Clear 08/17/2016 per 224 CV

Upper Kintla Campground - Boulder Pass/ 6.1
Snow covered Trail 2 miles up from Upper Kintla Lake on 9/12/2016. per 224 >> Steep snow covered switchbacks on the approach to Boulder Pass. Ice ax crampons recommended towards the summit of the pass, as well as snow travel and route finding skills will be necessary. 9/12/2016. Per 224
Bowman Lake Trail
Foot of Bowman Lake - Bowman Lake Campground/ 7.1 mi.
One tree fell over the trail about 5 miles in. Crosses trail at shoulder to head height. Easily hiked under, but will present a difficulty to stock. Initial Clearing scheduled:Complete 5/26/16 per 256 Trail clear 6/4/16 222
Bowman Lake Campground - Brown Pass/ 6.7 mi.
Initial Clearing scheduled: Complete 6/23/16 per 256

trail clear 8/22/16 per 318 Meister

Dutch Lake Trail
North Fork Road to Dutch Lake / 12.3 mi.
initial clearing scheduled: First 3 mi. cleared on 5/14/16 per 250
Hidden Meadow
North Fork Road to Hidden Meadow / 1.2 mi.
Initial clearing scheduled:Complete 5/13/16 per 256
Logging Lake Trail
Logging Ranger Station - Foot of Logging Lake/ 4.4 mi.
Initial Clearing scheduled: Complete 5/24/16 per 256

De-posting for bear frequenting 6/4/16 per 302 Altop

From approximately 2.5 miles from the trail head to the lake, the trail is exceptionally muddy due to recent rain & stock traffic. Ankle deep in some areas. 7/14/16 per 351 Posted for bear frequenting Logging Creek and Ranger Station per 324 7/24/16

De-posting for bear frequenting 9/13/16 per 302 Altop

Foot of Logging Lake - Head of Logging Lake/ 7.0 mi.
Initial Clearing scheduled: Complete 6/7/16 per 256

Head of Logging Lake - Grace Lake/ 1.4 mi.
Initial Clearing scheduled:Complete 6/7/16 per 256
Numa Lookout Trail
Bowman Lake Trail - Numa Lookout/ 4.9 mi.
Initial Clearing scheduled:Complete 6/12/16 per 351

One large tree down across trail, otherwise clear. per 224 CV 06/21/2016 Posted for bear frequenting per 302 9/4/2016

Quartz Creek
North Fork Road to Lower Quartz Lake / 6.9 mi.
Cleared from inside North Fork Rd. to Quartz Creek ford on 6/2/16 per 351 From Quartz Creek ford to Lower Quartz Lake scheduled to be cleared on 6/16/16. per 351 3 trees down 6/13/16 per 318Meister

Quartz Lake Loop
Bowman Lake - Quartz Lake (via Cerulean Ridge)/ 5.8 mi.
Initial Clearing scheduled: Complete 5/18/16 per 256

trail clear 7/25/16 per 318Meister

Bowman Lake - Lower Quartz Lake (via Quartz Ridge)/ 3.1 m
Initial Clearing scheduled:5/25/16 per 256

trail clear 7/25/16 per 318Meister

Lower Quartz Lake - Quartz Lake/ 3.1 mi.
Initial Clearing scheduled: 5/25/16 per 256

trail clear 7/25/16 per 318Meister

Trails to Kishnehn Ranger Station
North Fork Road to Kishenehn Ranger Station / 4.8 mi.
Initial Clearing scheduled: Complete 5/31/16 per 256 Trail Clear on 6/15 per 222
Kishenehn Ranger Station to NW International Boundary /4.0mi
Initial Clearing scheduled 8/30/16 per 256
Kishnehn Ranger Station to Kintla Lake / 7.1
Initial Clearing scheduled:8/30/16 per 256 Starvation Ridge Trail getting overgrown, hard to follow in a few places but few trees down. 7/21 per222

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