NORTH FORK - trail status as of 8:08AM Mountain Time on 7-26-2016
Akokala Creek Trail
North Fork Road to Akokala Lake Trail Jct. / 6.6 mi.
Initial Clearing scheduled: Complete 6/1/16 per 256
Akokala Lake Trail
Foot of Bowman Lake - Akokala Lake/ 5.8 mi.
Initial Clearing scheduled Complete:5/23/16 per 256 Trail clear 6/20/2016 per 222

Recent mule traffic tore up some boggy sections on Numa Ridge 6/20/16 per 323.

Boulder Pass Trail
Foot of Kintla Lake - Upper Kintla Campground/ 11.6
Initial Clearing scheduled:Complete 5/12/16 per 250

3 Large diameter trees down before the head of Kintla, may be difficult for stock to get by 7/12 per 224 Katz

Upper Kintla Campground - Boulder Pass/ 6.1
Cleared 2 miles up from Upper Kintla Lake on 5/18/2016. per 351 Scheduled to clear up to Boulder Pass 7/28/16. per 351

6 trees down 7/11/16 per 318 Meister

Bowman Lake Trail
Foot of Bowman Lake - Bowman Lake Campground/ 7.1 mi.
One tree fell over the trail about 5 miles in. Crosses trail at shoulder to head height. Easily hiked under, but will present a difficulty to stock. Initial Clearing scheduled:Complete 5/26/16 per 256 Trail clear 6/4/16 222
Bowman Lake Campground - Brown Pass/ 6.7 mi.
Initial Clearing scheduled: Complete 6/23/16 per 256

trail clear 7/11/16 per 224 Funk

Dutch Lake Trail
North Fork Road to Dutch Lake / 12.3 mi.
initial clearing scheduled: First 3 mi. cleared on 5/14/16 per 250
Hidden Meadow
North Fork Road to Hidden Meadow / 1.2 mi.
Initial clearing scheduled:Complete 5/13/16 per 256
Logging Lake Trail
Logging Ranger Station - Foot of Logging Lake/ 4.4 mi.
Initial Clearing scheduled: Complete 5/24/16 per 256

De-posting for bear frequenting 6/4/16 per 302 Altop

From approximately 2.5 miles from the trail head to the lake, the trail is exceptionally muddy due to recent rain & stock traffic. Ankle deep in some areas. 7/14/16 per 351 Posted for bear frequenting Logging Creek and Ranger Station per 324 7/24/16

Foot of Logging Lake - Head of Logging Lake/ 7.0 mi.
Initial Clearing scheduled: Complete 6/7/16 per 256

Head of Logging Lake - Grace Lake/ 1.4 mi.
Initial Clearing scheduled:Complete 6/7/16 per 256
Numa Lookout Trail
Bowman Lake Trail - Numa Lookout/ 4.9 mi.
Initial Clearing scheduled:Complete 6/12/16 per 351

One large tree down across trail, otherwise clear. per 224 CV 06/21/2016

Quartz Creek
North Fork Road to Lower Quartz Lake / 6.9 mi.
Cleared from inside North Fork Rd. to Quartz Creek ford on 6/2/16 per 351 From Quartz Creek ford to Lower Quartz Lake scheduled to be cleared on 6/16/16. per 351 3 trees down 6/13/16 per 318Meister

Quartz Lake Loop
Bowman Lake - Quartz Lake (via Cerulean Ridge)/ 5.8 mi.
Initial Clearing scheduled: Complete 5/18/16 per 256

trail clear 7/25/16 per 318Meister

Bowman Lake - Lower Quartz Lake (via Quartz Ridge)/ 3.1 m
Initial Clearing scheduled:5/25/16 per 256

trail clear 7/25/16 per 318Meister

Lower Quartz Lake - Quartz Lake/ 3.1 mi.
Initial Clearing scheduled: 5/25/16 per 256

trail clear 7/25/16 per 318Meister

Trails to Kishnehn Ranger Station
North Fork Road to Kishenehn Ranger Station / 4.8 mi.
Initial Clearing scheduled: Complete 5/31/16 per 256 Trail Clear on 6/15 per 222
Kishenehn Ranger Station to NW International Boundary /4.0mi
Initial Clearing scheduled 8/30/16 per 256
Kishnehn Ranger Station to Kintla Lake / 7.1
Initial Clearing scheduled:8/30/16 per 256 Trail clear from Boulder Pass Trail to Starvation Creek on 5/17/16. per 351

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