Autumn Creek Trail

6 miles
Autumn Creek is the most popular ski route in this area. The trail starts right at the summit of Marias Pass and crosses the railroad tracks before entering the park. Use caution when crossing this main line; removing skis is a good idea. Look for the orange markers as you enter the trees as they will mark the trail’s location. Turn left at the first trail junction. The first section of the route follows the gradual grade of the trail until you reach the open section below Elk Mountain. The views of the mountains from this opening are spectacular but several avalanche paths cross this area and openings to the south. If you get off trail, or have to detour past areas blown free of snow, ski to the obvious drainage of Autumn Creek to the west. Here the route follows the right side of the creek. From the start of the creek drainage there are some steep hills and creek crossings which merit caution, especially in icy conditions. The route follows the trail to the railroad tracks again and then follows the steep access road to a pulloff at mile marker 193.8 on U.S. Highway 2. Beginners may want to just ski the first part of this trail and explore the open areas along the beginning of the trail, especially the Three Bears Lake area.


Last report - December 27
The trail was broken to the first junction from Marias Pass. The first creek crossing was frozen with packed snow on either side. approximately 24" base with more snow on the way. This trail crosses beneath some avalanche paths within a few miles of the trail head. Visitors are reminded to check avalanche conditions (



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