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A clear pathway up a gradual slope with surrounding land covered by snow and ice
Walk the Trails and Tour the Mission

Walk the grounds and stand where history happened. Spot wildlife flitting from tree to tree, hiding in the grass, or sunning on the trail.

A yellow tall grass field, a wagon and trees in the distance, a partly cloudy blue sky hangs above
Take a Self-Guided Audio Tour

Explore the history of Whitman Mission through the NPS App by taking our 10-stop self-guided audio tour.

Three rangers gathered around a tipi putting stakes around its base
Attend a Ranger Program

Most ranger programs occur during the summer months, but they can occur throughout the year at Whitman Mission.

A hallway leading to museum exhibits further down the hall, on the wall is written "Welcome"
Explore the Visitor Center Museum

Explore exhibit artifacts from the Cayuse, the Whitmans and other who spent time at Whitman Mission during the 1800s.

A sidewalk curves to a shelter with picnic tables and trees with orange leaves
Set up a Picnic

Enjoy a picnic at the Whitman Mission picnic shelter. The picnic shelter is available whenever the park grounds are open.

A wagon train is moving across a tallgrass field. The words "A Prophecy Fulfilled" appear in the sky
Watch A Prophecy Fulfilled

Start your visit by watching the Whitman Mission park film, A Prophecy Fulfilled, for a wonderful introduction to the story of the site.

Last updated: January 19, 2023

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