Welcome to the We Shall Overcome Travel Itinerary!

This travel itinerary tells the powerful story of the centuries-long struggle for African Americans civil rights. While not intended to be an exhaustive exploration of all the sites associated with this history, this travel itinerary shows how the struggle for civil rights spanned all across the country. Some of the places where these seminal events occurred – the churches, schools, homes, and neighborhoods – are listed in the National Register of Historic Places and are included in this itinerary.

Wait! There’s a whole lot more to explore. While this itinerary features a select number of places affiliated with the Civil Rights Movement, you can search for more places in the “Research It!” section. You’ll find instructions for researching National Register listings by name, state, keyword, or reference number. Discover the historic places near you by conducting your own research.

Photo of a seated man surrounded by children. Library of Congress.
The Places of Bayard Rustin

Explore the places associated with civil rights leader Bayard Rustin and learn about how he influenced the movement.

Map of US with pinpoints on places featured in this itinerary. NPS photo.
Explore the Travel Itinerary

Explore some of the initial places recognized by the National Register program for their affiliation with African American civil rights.

Photo of woman walking in front of an American flag. NPS photo.
African American Civil Rights Network

This itinerary is part of the African American Civil Rights Network, which features places associated with this historic movement.

Last updated: May 4, 2021


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