Travel James River, Virginia

For thousands of years the James River has been important to the people living in Virginia. At 340 miles, the James is Virginia's longest river. It is also the 12th longest river in America that begins and ends in the same state. As you travel the James River, virtually or by foot, consider the role the river has played in the foundation of Virginia as a colony and America as an independent nation.

Artifacts being processed on a tray
Preserve and Protect Material Culture

Preliminary sort of washed artifacts

Tredegar Iron Works
Tredegar Iron Works

Tredegar played a significant role in the decision to relocate the capital of the Confederacy from Montgomery to Richmond.

Kingsmill Plantation Excavations
Kingsmill Plantation

Kingsmill Plantation is a large tract of land in James City County that played a significant role in the growth and development of the James

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