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Curiosity Kits inspire exploration and learning of history through place. These multi-piece resources include articles that explore historic places and provide educational activities for life-long learners. Intended for use in informal settings, by families at home, interpreters in the field, or by curious armchair explorers, these kits provide interactive ways to engage with the past whether at home or in place.

Featured Kits

  • Photo of woman shoulders up.
    Abby Kelley Foster

    This multi-piece resource explores the life of abolitionist and suffragist Abby Kelley Foster.

  • Photo of woman holding a cup in front of a flag.
    Dr. Alice Paul

    Learn about suffragist Dr. Alice Paul and her influence of the women's rights movement.

  • Cartoon of two women in an early airplane.
    American Aviation History

    This kit focuses on the history of American aviation with a focus on the contributions of women and African Americans.

  • Close up of a man.
    Bayard Rustin

    This kit explores the life and legacy of Bayard Rustin, the civil rights activist who planned the 1963 March on Washington.

  • Jackie Robinson holding a bat, ready to swing.
    Black Baseball History

    Explore some of historic places associated with the history of Black baseball. You’ll also find educational activities about baseball!

  • Poster of Black cowboy Bill Pickett.
    Black Cowpokes in the American West

    Discover resources about the cowpoke life – activities, stories of cowboys and cowgirls, and a virtual tour of places of American cowpoke.

  • Woman sitting at a desk.
    Black Women Mathematicians at NASA

    This series explores the history of the women who worked as mathematicians, computer programmers, team project leads at NASA.

  • Carrie Chapman Catt
    Carrie Chapman Catt

    Find out more about suffragist Carrie Chapman Catt and how she impacted the movement.

  • César Chávez addresses environmental concerns in Arizona
    César Chávez

    This kit explores places in César Chávez's life to better understand how he shaped economic and social change in the 20th century

  • Painting of workers.
    Detroit's Labor History

    This kit focuses on the history of labor in Detroit, which has been a central hub of industry for centuries.

  • African American woman wearing dress with high collar and bun
    Ida B. Wells

    This kit investigates the life and work of pioneering journalist and civil rights activist Ida B. Wells.

  • Katharine Lee Bates
    Katharine Lee Bates

    Katharine Lee Bates wrote what became the song “America the Beautiful." Learn about the natural landscapes that inspired her.

  • Lucy Stone
    Lucy Stone

    Stone was an abolitionist and suffragist. Learn more about her dedication to these two movements.

  • Woman holding flowers.
    Dr. Mabel Ping-Hua Lee

    This kit focuses on the life and work of Dr. Mabel Ping-Hua Lee, a suffragist who was a known figure in New York’s suffrage movement.

  • Malcolm X
    Malcolm X

    Malcolm X survived a violent childhood and became a nationally recognized figure. Learn more about his life and work.

  • Woman sitting in a chair.
    Mary Church Terrell

    This kit focuses on the life and legacy of Mary Church Terrell, a women’s rights and Black civil rights activist.

  • Woman torso up.
    Mary Ann Shadd Cary

    Use this kit to learn more about Mary Ann Shadd Cary, a publisher, abolitionists, and lawyer.

  • Nannie Helen Burroughs
    Nannie Helen Burroughs

    An educator, suffragist, and activist, Burroughs is known for founding the National Training School for Women and Girls in DC.

  • Nina Otero Warren
    Nina Otero Warren

    Learn about this suffragist and educator using this Curiosity Kit.

  • Susan B. Anthony
    Susan B. Anthony

    This kit explores the life of women's rights activist Susan B. Anthony who was a major force in the women's suffrage movement.

  • Women holding posters
    Women Labor Activists

    Find out more about influential women in Chicago's labor movement.

  • A seated woman with long hair wearing beads looks to her right. She wears a long flowing robe.

    Learn about the life and work of writer, musician, and Indian rights advocate Zitkála-Šá with this Curiosity Kit.

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