Increase your World Heritage IQ - Become a World Heritage Junior Ranger

Professor Harry Tidge sitting at his desk.
Professor Harry Tidge, a unassuming walking encyclopedia on all things about World Heritage.

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The World Heritage in the United States Junior Ranger program is a great place to increase your World Heritage IQ. Pit your knowledge of World Heritage against the famous Professor Harry Tidge.

We had to take down our previous games and activites because Flash is no longer being supported. However, we now have a PDF booklet that can be completed to earn a Junior Ranger badge and certficiate. Email the coordinator who will then forward you a booklet to complete.

Once you've finished answering all the questions and you send in your answer sheet, we'll mail you a certificate, Junior Ranger badge and a World Heritage brochure.

We do have two animated activities that you can complete. These activities, with sound, can both be completed as extra credit.

The first animation features Frank Lloyd Wright, an American architect. Several of his properties were inscribed as a Joint World Heritage Site.

If you choose to watch this activity, answer these questions:

1. What was Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural philosophy?
2. How many of his architectural designs became a Joint World Heritage Site?

The second activity includes a trip to Mammoth Cave National Park with Professor Harry Tidge.

If you journery down into the cave with the professor, answer these questions:

1. Name one unique feature that makes Mammoth Cave so special.
2. In what year was Mammoth Cave inscribed as a World Heritage Site?

These questions are extra credit and don't necessarily need to be answered in order to earn your World Heritage Junior Ranger badge. But if you answer them, we will send you a National Park Service system map and two junior ranger stickers.

Last updated: March 29, 2024