NPS International Volunteers

A collection of pictures of former International Volunteers.
A collection of pictures of former International Volunteers.

Images by NPS.

The IVIP Program is now accepting applications.

If you are a college or university student from another country, work for another country's park agency, or have a background in environmental or cultural related fields, and might be interested in volunteering for the U.S. National Park Service - we want to hear from you!

NPS welcomes all who apply to the International Volunteers in Parks Program (IVIP); however, we may only select those who meet visa and immigration requirements. Additionally, national parks capacity to train and house international volunteers, limits the number of IVIP programs. Thus, NPS selects candidates who have the educational and professional backgrounds to benefit from the training and who have the best the potential to share it with colleagues and scholars when they return to their home countries.

There are several requirements that must be met in order to participate in the program. Read and follow the steps needed to see if you can become an NPS International Volunteer. Or open an image of our brochure (jpg image) to read more about the program.

If you meet the qualifications, submit an IVIP application (50 KB DOC) to the NPS IVIP Coordinator: Once we receive your application, expect an answer within 15 working days. If you qualify, we'll help you locate a park to volunteer in or you can check forcurrent volunteer opportunities. See our IVIP Q & A for additional information.

Foreign nationals currently residing in the United States are subject to different regulations. But we may still be able to use your help.

Last updated: February 8, 2023