Rock Creek Park

Rock Creek Park is truly a gem in our nation's capital. It offers visitors an opportunity to reflect and soothe their spirits through the beauty of nature. Fresh air, majestic trees, wild animals, the ebb and flow of Rock Creek, and thousands of years of human history emanate the delicate aura of the forest.


Ranger leading group on bird hike.

What's going on today?

Astronomy, the Civil War, nature, park history...Ranger-led programs on these subjects and more occur every weekend of the year in Rock Creek Park.

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Rock Creek

Rock Creek Extreme Cleanup

Each spring the Rock Creek Extreme Cleanup removes trash at over 75 locations along the 33-mile length of Rock Creek. What can you do to help?

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Freeman Tilden examining leaves in the park.

Thousands of Years of Human History

Known for its beautiful natural scenery, Rock Creek Park also has a rich cultural heritage.

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Park wildlife

Birds, Bees, and More!

Surrounded by a large city, Rock Creek Park is nevertheless home to a surprisingly diverse wildlife population. Learn about park nature and science.

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White Tailed Deer Management Plan

White Tailed Deer Management Plan

The NPS has released the final White Tailed Deer Management Plan for Rock Creek Park.

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