Lydia Leister House 3D Tour - Audio Described

Gettysburg National Military Park


1. Front Door The Leister family fled Gettysburg on July 1. They returned on July 5 to find their home riddled with shot and shell, orchard and crops destroyed, food stores and livestock gone, and the carcasses of 17 dead horses scattered around the farm. Determined to restore her farm, Lydia repaired, replanted, and added nine more acres. She lived here until 1888. 2. Kitchen Table General George Gordon Meade, commander of the Union Army of the Potomac, established his headquarters here on July 2, 1863. For three days this simple home served as the nerve center for the Union Army. 3. Porch During the Battle of Gettysburg this small whitewashed house was the home of Lydia Leister and her four children. Today it is preserved and protected by Gettysburg National Military Park. 4. Bedroom 1 On the night of July 2, General George Meade held a “council of war” with his corps commanders in this small room, during which the Union plan of battle was decided for July 3rd. Twelve Union generals crowded the small room. 5. Bedroom 2 Many of the original furnishings of the Leister House are today displayed in the Gettysburg Museum of the American Civil War.


The Lydia Leister house is where Union General George G. Meade made his headquarters during the Battle of Gettysburg. Late in the evening of July 2, Meade held a council of war in this house to decide if the Union army should stay and hold their hard-fought high ground or abandon their position. The artillery bombardment prior to Pickett's Charge on July 3 caused considerable damage to the house. This virtual tour allows you to visit this small two room house on the Gettysburg battlefield.


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