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Independence NHP Special Programs

Welcome to Independence National Historical Park

Experience, Discover, Wonder, Explore... Whatever you interests, whatever your age, you're in the right place! Our park rangers and partners have prepared a wide variety of of programs and activities to help you and your family have a great experience.
Park visitors taking one of the many tours offered at Independence NHP

Park visitors taking one of the many ranger-led tours offered at Independence NHP.

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Ongoing Park Programs

Are you looking to delve deeper into the history of the birth of the United States and the stories of the founders? Find out more on one of our many ranger-led programs at Independence National Historical Park.

Independence Hall with a blue sky in the background.

So much of what happened in American history can be traced right back to Independence Hall.

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Park Events

Check out events and programs at Independence National Historical Park especially designed by our park rangers to commemorate, celebrate, and discover important episodes in the history of the United States of America. You may be surprised at how much of what happened in American history can be traced right back to events that took place inside Independence Hall.
Detail of figurine of squirrel holding a scroll and quill pen.

Let Skuggs the Squirrel guide your family through the Benjamin Franklin Museum, one of many fun things families can do while visiting Independence National Historical Park.

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Play, Explore, Look, and Learn...all at Independence National Historical Park. There is something to engage, entertain and challenge every family.
Man dressed in colonial costume holding the Declaration of Independence.

Come and enjoy one of the many programs provided by the partners of Independence National Historical Park.

Courtesy Historic Philadelphia, Inc.

Partner Programs

Independence National Historical Park is pleased to present a wide variety of offerings from our park partners, Historic Philadelphia, Inc. and the National Constitution Center. Celebrate and rediscover the Constitution of the United States, or get close and personal with some of the founders. You may even get to "sneak" into Independence Hall after dark!

Did You Know?

Drawing of Independence Hall

From 1790 to 1800 Philadelphia was the Capital of the United States. During that time, city, county, and state government offices were all on the same block of Chestnut Street, between 5th and 6th.