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Park Store manager inspects new books
Park Store manager inspecting books in the new location

NPS photo, LHenio

For over 100 years, community members and visitors to Ganado patron Hubbell Trading Post. Artists and weavers come from all over to trade their crafts for household items, groceries and cash. Stop by and shop for groceries, dry goods, rugs, jewelry and more. Stay awhile and enjoy a cup of Arbuckles' Coffee.

If you're looking for books, postcards or souvenirs, the park store is located inside the trading post. Become a member of Western National Parks Association and enjoy a discount on items in the park store. The discount does not apply to groceries or arts and crafts. The Park Store and Trading Post are operated by Western National Parks Association and are now open. You will find grocery items, souvenirs, rugs, jewelry, paintings and more. Looking for more? Visit the online park store for other park related items.

Last updated: July 29, 2021

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