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From lesson plans based on national curriculum standards to professional development opportunities to college-level historic preservation course outlines, the National Park Service has tools that can help enliven classroom presentations and engage students in learning about history.

From African American History to World War II, Teaching with Historic Places offers place-based lesson plans created by National Park Service interpreters, preservation professionals, and educators linked to national standard for history and social studies.

Could archeology enrich your lessons on social studies, mathematics, and geography? Check out Teacher Resources for Archeology.

Teaching with Museum Collections is object-based learning that emphasizes the links between real things – National Park Service museum collections – and America's history.

Teaching Cultural Heritage Preservation will help create undergraduate courses focusing on the preservation of minority cultural heritage.

In addition to products specifically for teachers, you may also be interested in courses that we have developed for those who manage and interpret cultural resources like archeological sites, historic places, and museum objects. These include an introduction to basic archeological methods, a Walk Through Historic Buildings to learn how to identify architectural features, and African American Heritage and Ethnography.