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Civil War Preservation Trust sign at Slaughter Pen Farm
The Civil War Preservation Trust recently purchased 216.44 acres of the remaining undeveloped part of the Fredericksburg Battlefield. This was a tremendous preservation success. The Slaughter Pen is located on the west side of Highways 2/17, about 3 miles south of Fredericksburg Battlefield Visitor Center in downtown Fredericksburg.
Slaughter Pen Farm
The main Union attack at Fredericksburg crossed this field to attack "Stonewall" Jackson's Corps located on the high ground in the background. About 4,500 casualties occurred on this 216.44 acres. Five men won the Medal Honor for their actions on this field. After a very competitive fight, Jackson's men repulsed the Union attackers. 
Carl Rochling painting of 114th Pennsylvania (Collis Zouaves).
This painting by Carl Rochling depicts the 114th Pennsylvania known as the Collis Zouaves resisting the Confederate counterattack in the Slaughter Pen. The painting is displayed in the Fredericksburg Battlefield Visitor Center.
Pelham Marker

Interpretive stop for the "Gallant Pelham".

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