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NPS arrowhead in black and white outline showing NATIONAL PARK SERVICE on top right, trees, lake and mountain range in center and bison on lower center.
Check out the coloring book page by clicking the photo above!  Arrowhead is available on the Coloring Book page too.

Fun Activities for the Family

In addition to the fun and challenging Junior Ranger program, we've got additional fun activities on these pages that are sure to keep you kids (and you adults too) occupied when you're stuck inside for the day because of the weather outside.

On the park Coloring Book page you can choose up to six different coloring pages including four of historic African Americans, the former home to Charles Young, Youngsholm and even the famed National Park Service arrowhead.

Looking for a fun game to exercise the brain? Head over to the park's Crossword Puzzle page to choose from a variety of challenging puzzles for beginning Junior Rangers to adult Junior Rangers. It's more fun for the whole family!

Last updated: January 29, 2018

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