MANY GLACIER - trail status as of 5:21AM Mountain Time on 7-22-2014
Appekunny Falls Trail
Many Glacier Road to Appekunny Falls/ 1.0 mi.
Trail clear of trees and snow 7/5/14 per 823

Cracker Lake Trail
Trailhead at Hotel to Cracker Lake Campground/ 6.1 mi
Trail is clear of trees and snow except for 1 small snow patch 2.5 miles up trail. 7/17/14 per 823.

Feather Plume Falls Cutoff Trail (to Grinnell Lk.) 1.2
Grinnell Lk. to Piegan Pass Tr. at Feather Plume Falls/1.2mi
Feather plume Suspension Bridge is INSTALLED. Trail is 5% snow covered between bridge and Feather plume Junction and clear of snow between Grinnell Lake and bridge. 7/15/14 per 824 Bouf

Grinnell Glacier Trail
From Josephine Lake to Glacier Overlook/ 3.7 mi.
Trail is mostly clear of snow for the first 2 miles, beyond that however, travel is NOT RECOMMENDED due to hazardous snow bridges and steep snow crossings. 7/11/14 per 823
Piegan Pass Trail (Upper Route)
From Hotel to Featherplume Falls Jct./ 4.1 mi.
Trail is 15% snow covered last 1/2 mile before Featherplume Jct, 7/5/14

Featherplume Falls Jct. to Piegan Pass/ 4.2 mi.
Featherplume Cutoff suspension bridge: Installed 7/2/14 per 650.

Estimated Installation: 7/28/2014 per 650 due to snow and run-off

>5% snow cover from junction to Morning Eagle plank bridge location. Creek crossing above Morning Eagle Plank Bridge site is difficult with steep snow banks and fast water about 3.5 feet. Above bridge site 90% snow cover to waterfall with route finding skills required. From Waterfall to top of switchbacks there are several short crossings of avalanche chutes with steep and hard snow.(Ice Axe recommended) Route finding will be difficult in this area. From switchbacks to pass only one low angle snowfield. Pass is free of snow on trail. 7/15/2014 824 Bouf

Ptarmigan/ Iceberg Trail
Motel parking lot to jct. above Ptarmigan Falls/ 2.4 mi.
Trail is clear of trees and snow. The bridge at Ptarmigan Falls has been repaired and is accessible to foot traffic only. The bridge remains CLOSED TO STOCK use. 7/11/14 per 650

Trail is posted for bear frequenting. 7/21/14 per 801

Jct. above Ptarmigan Falls to Iceberg Lake/ 2.1 mi.
Ptarmigan Falls bridge has been rebuilt and is accessible to foot traffic only, per 650 7/11/14.

Trail is 30% snow covered last 1/4 mile to the lake, 7/16/14 per 624. Iceberg Lake Bridge Installed 7/11/14 per 650

TRAIL CLOSED to stock use. 6/13/2014 per 801.

Jct. above Ptarmigan Falls to Ptarmigan Lake/ 1.7 mi.
Ptarmigan Falls Bridge has been rebuilt and is accessible to foot traffic only. CLOSED TO STOCK USE, per 650, 7/11/14

Trail is clear of trees and snow, 7/17/14 per 823.

Ptarmigan Lake to Ptarmigan Tunnel/ 0.9 mi.
PTARMIGAN TUNNEL: OPENED for the season 7/15/14 per 650

Trail is clear of trees and snow, 7/17/14 per 823.

TRAIL CLOSED to stock use. 6/13/2014 per 801.

Red Gap Pass Trail (Poia Lake)
Trailhead to foot of Poia Lake/ 6.4 mi.
Clear, muddy for first two miles. 7/3/14 per 222
Poia Lake to Red Gap Pass/ 5.6 mi.
1/2 mile of snow at tree line makes route finding necessary. 6/24/14 per 925. Trail is clear of trees. 6/26/14 per 852.


Sherburne Ranger Station Cutoff
Red Gap Pass Trail to Sherburne Ranger Station / 1.0 mi.
Trail is clear of trees and snow. 7/5/14 per 823

Slide Lake / Gable Pass Trail
Park Boundary to Slide Lake Cpgd./ 1.4 mi.
Trail is clear of trees and snow, 7/1/14 per 823.

NOTE - A $10.00 Blackfeet Tribal Conservation Permit is required by each person(regardless of age) to cross reservation land. All hikers or riders using this road to access Slide Lake cross the reservation.

VEHICLES NOT RECOMMENDED. The normal entry to the Slide Lake area is by way of an unmarked road across Blackfeet Indian Nation land. Road into boundary is very muddy, rutted and rocky, and there is significant damage due to flooding. Also, the road is used heavily by cattle.

The road is not marked by a sign and is reached by leaving US Hwy #89 at Chief Mtn Jct. and going 4.3 miles on the Chief Mtn.Hwy (Route #17). Look for a dirt road heading west/southwest and skirting just south of Chief Mtn. If hikers are unsure about locating the road, tell them to look for Chief Mtn. overlook, which is a signed pullout 0.3 miles northwest of the Slide Lake road at a point 4.5 mi. from Chief Mtn. Jct. This overlook is known locally as Crusher Hill. The distance from the Chief Mtn. Highway (paved) going west on the Slide Lake Road (dirt road) to the trailhead at the Park Boundary is approximately 6.0 miles. We do not recommend driving this road as it is extremely rutted and in poor condition. There is one major fork in the road a couple miles in, the left fork that leads down towards Otatso Creek is the way to Slide.

Slide Lake Cpgd. to Lee Ridge Jct. via Gable Pass/ 2.5 m
Trail is >50% snow covered on either side of Gable Pass. A bit of route finding may be required. 7/1/14.

Initial clearing scheduled for:

Swiftcurrent Lake Nature Trail
Trail around the Swiftcurrent Lake/ 2.6 mi.
Trail is clear of trees and snow, 7/5/14 per 823.
Swiftcurrent Pass Trail
Campstore parking lot to Head of Bullhead Lake / 3.9 mi.
Trail is clear of snow and trees, 7/6/14 per 823

Bullhead Lake to Swiftcurrent Pass / 2.7 mi.
Trail is 50% snow covered the last 1/2 mile to the pass. Foot Bridges are INSTALLED. 7/6/14 per 823

STOCK ADVISORY: Trail between Bullhead Lake and Devil's Elbow is steep, narrow and not recommended for stock unless stock have experience on very narrow sections of trail. per 650

Trails around Josephine Lake to Grinnell Lake
North Shore Trail to Oastler Shelter / 1.7 mi.
Trail is clear of trees and snow, 7/11/14 per 823.
So.Shore Tr. from Hotel to Oastler Shelter/ 2.0 mi.
Trail is clear of both snow and trees, 7/11/14 per 823.
Oastler Shelter to Grinnell Lake (also Hidden Falls) 1.0 mi.
Trail is clear of trees and snow, 7/11/14.

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