BELLY RIVER - trail status as of 7:50PM Mountain Time on 8-31-2015
Bear Mountain Overlook
Stoney Indian Pass Trail to Bear Mountain Overlook / 1.7 mi.
Clear, no water. 8/23/15 per 925.
Belly River Trail
Chief Mtn. Customs to Belly River Ranger Station/ 6.1 mi.
Clear. 8/23/15 per 924.

During and immediately after a rain the Belly River trail, with its clay soil, can become extremely muddy.

Belly River via Lee Ridge Trail
Chief Mtn. Road to Gable Pass Trail Jct./ 6.0 mi.
3 trees down, easy to step over. No water. 8/24/15 per 224 Katz

Lee Ridge Trailhead is located directly off of Hwy. 17 about 1/2 mile before the Chief Mt. Trailhead at the International Border Crossing. There is no parking at the Lee Ridge trailhead, but there is a pullout at the top of the hill about 150 yds north near the "Customs 1/2 mile Ahead" sign.

Gable Jct. to Belly River Ranger Station/ 3.8 mi.
Clear, no water until just before Ranger Station at Gable Creek. 8/23/15 per 925

PERMANENT STOCK ADVISORY: Steep, narrow, rocky, class 2 trail, not recommended for stock travel. per 650

Cosley Lake Cut-off Trail
Ptarmigan Trail (Dawn Mist) to foot of Cosley Lk./ 2.0 mi.
Clear. Depth of the ford at the outlet of Cosley Lake is less than one foot deep. If you are not at the hand cable then you are not at the ford. 8/23/15 per 924.

Elizabeth Lake Trail (Helen Lake)
Belly River R.S. to foot of Elizabeth Lake Cpgd./ 3.4 mi
Clear. 8/23/15 per 925.

Dawn Mist Suspension Bridge: Installed 5/14/2015 per 656

Elizabeth Lake Suspension Bridge: Installed 5/15/2015 per 656

Foot of Elizabeth Lk. to head of Elizabeth Lk.Cpgd./ 1.6
Clear. 8/23/15 per 925.

Head of Elizabeth Lake to Helen Lake/ 2.7 mi.
Clear. 8/23/15 per 925

Helen Lake Bridge to campground installed 6/5/15 per 925.

Miche Wabun Trail
Former 3-mile Campground to North Fork Belly River/ 4.8 mi.
Initial clearing scheduled for: Sept/2015

Minimum maintenance and unsigned route. Begins with an UNMARKED river ford 3 miles from Belly River trailhead.

Mokowanis Lake Trail
Stoney Indian Pass Trail to Mokowanis Lake / 1.0 mi.
Clear. 8/23/15 per 924.

Ptarmigan Tunnel Trail
Elizabeth Lake to the Ptarmigan Tunnel/ 4.8 mi.
Clear. 8/23/15 per 925 p> Ptarmigan Tunnel is OPEN to foot/stock travel 8/2/15 per 925 .

Elizabeth Lake Suspension Bridge Installed 5/15/15.

Red Gap Pass Trail
Ptarmigan Trail Jct. to Red Gap Pass / 2.6 mi.
Clear. 8/23/15 per 925.

Stoney Indian Pass Trail (Cosley,Glenns,Mokowanis)
Belly River R. S. to Cosley Lake Cpgd./ 2.7 mi.
Clear. 8/23/15 per 924.

Belly River Suspension Bridge: Installed 5/15/15

Belly River Horse Ford is 2 feet deep. 8/9/15 per 924.

Cosley Lake Cpgd. to Mokowanis Jct./ 4.5 mi.
Clear. 8/23/15 per 924.

Mokowanis Jct. to Stoney Indian Pass/ 4.7 mi.
Clear. 8/23/15 per 925

Atsina Planks INSTALLED 6/17/2015 per 650

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