Glacier National Park
Trail and Area Closings and Postings

This report was last updated on October 28, 2014, at 7:16AM

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Closures are trails or areas of the park that have been officially closed for resource or visitor protection.

Postings are trails or areas of the park that have been posted as a warning to visitors to be especially cautious. Postings typically are put in place to warn visitors of heightened safety concerns in the area, such as frequent bear or mountain lion sightings close to a trail. The areas remain open and visitors should proceed with caution.

Trail Closures

Apgar Lookout Trail, last 75 ft due to hazardous conditions.

yellowspacer Trail Postings

Sperry Trail from Crystal Ford to Chalet posted for bear frequenting
Swiftcurrent Pass trail from the Trailhead to Granite Park Chalet for bear frequenting
The trails from Sun Point to Gunsight Pass TH are posted for bears frequenting
Trail from Rising Sun Picnic Area to the Boat Dock for bear frequenting
The Highline Trail from Granite Park to Logan Pass is posted for bear frequenting.

Information is also available on the Trail Status Reports Page of the park website.

Area Closures

yellowspacer Area Postings

Rising Sun area, including the Campground, Concession Grounds, Boat Dock and Picnic
Area due to bear frequenting.
Bowman Lake campground and day use area due to mountain lion frequenting.

Backcountry Campground Closures

Fifty Mountain CG is closed for bear frequenting.

yellowspacer Backcountry Campground Postings

Road Closures

On the west side the Going to the Sun Road is open to Avalanche Creek. Hiker/biker access
is to the Loop.
On the east side the Going to the Sun Road is closed for the season at the Mile and a Half
Gate at the foot of St Mary Lake due to fall construction. Hiker biker will vary, but will
typically be restricted during the week but never beyond Rising Sun. On the East side for weekends
the Hiker/Biker access will be unlimited.

The Inside North Fork Road - between Logging Creek Trailhead and Camas Creek.

Information is also available on the Road Status Page of the park website.

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