Glacier National Park
Trail and Area Closings and Postings

This report was last updated on July 30, 2014, at 8:10AM

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Closures are trails or areas of the park that have been officially closed for resource or visitor protection.

Postings are trails or areas of the park that have been posted as a warning to visitors to be especially cautious. Postings typically are put in place to warn visitors of heightened safety concerns in the area, such as frequent bear or mountain lion sightings close to a trail. The areas remain open and visitors should proceed with caution.

Trail Closures

Iceberg/Ptarmigan trail is closed to STOCK USE due to hazardous conditions.
Hidden Lake Trail is closed from the overlook to the lake due to bears frequenting, bears
are feeding on spawning trout at the outlet of Hidden Lake.
The North Shore Trail is closed from the Pitamakan Pass Trail Junction near the auto
trailhead to the Dawson Pass Trail Junction due to bear frequenting. Access to Pitamakan
Pass is
open and access to Dawson Pass is open via the South Shore Trail or the head of Two
Mt Brown LO Trail is closed due to Human/Bear interaction
Apistoki Falls Trail is closed due a carcass near the trail and wildlife frequenting

yellowspacer Trail Postings

Sperry Trail from Crystal Ford to Chalet posted for bear frequenting
Goat Haunt Overlook Trail posted for bear frequenting
Ptarmigan/Iceburg Trail posted for bear frequenting, from trailhead to jct. above Ptarmigan
The trails from Sun Point to Gunsight Pass TH are posted for bears frequenting

Information is also available on the Trail Status Reports Page of the park website.

Area Closures

yellowspacer Area Postings

Rising Sun boat dock to Rising Sun picnic area posted for bear frequenting.
Cutbank CG is posted for bear freqenting.

Backcountry Campground Closures

yellowspacer Backcountry Campground Postings

Road Closures

The Inside North Fork Road - between Logging Creek Trailhead and Camas Creek.
Sherburne boat launch access is closed to vehicles due to high water. It is open for visitors
to hand carry their boats.

Information is also available on the Road Status Page of the park website.

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