Fire and Aviation Management—More than Meets the Eye

National Park Service Fire and Aviation Management is dedicated to leadership, safety, and collaboration. Its proactive programs go beyond the immediate needs of emergency services.

Six branches make up the division—Aviation, Structural Fire, Wildland Fire, Administration, Communication and Education, and Information Technology. The national headquarters for the division is co-located with other federal agencies at the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho. Learn more about what we do and how fire and aviation management is an integral part of the National Park Service.

Search and rescue is one of the many missions carried out by NPS Aviation

Part of the NPS mission is to protect the resources entrusted to its management, including buildings and structures, irreplaceable cultural resources, valuable property and infrastructure.

Live fire training is an important part of the NPS Structural Fire Program

Wildland fire has great potential to change park landscapes more often than volcanoes, earthquakes, or even floods. Such forces of change are part of landscapes and ecosystems.

Wildland fire occurs in many different ecosystems across the country